Best Video Editing Software for Linux 2021 – Free & Open Source Tools


Best Video Editing Software for Linux 2021: There are so many premium video editing software and tools for Windows and Mac. But If you are Linux user and you don’t know what are the best video Video Editing Software for Linux in 2021, check out the list given below. Here are the 7 Top Free & Open Source Video Editing Tools for Linux.

Tools in the below list can be installed on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Kali, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE and any other Linux distro. I’ve already shared with you the list of best music players for Linux and the best image viewers for Linux.

Best Video Editing Software for Linux in 2021

Best Video Editing Software for Linux 2021 - Free & Open Source Tools

The Following is the list of Best Video Editing Software for Linux for all video editing professionals and beginners as well.

  1. OpenShot
  2. Shotcut
  3. Cinelerra
  4. Kdenlive
  5. Lightworks
  6. Flowblade
  7. VidCutter
  8. Pitivi
  9. Avidmux


Openshot  video editor is one of the best Video Editing Software for Linux. It is a multi-purpose & Open source video editing software. This project was started in August 2008 by Jonathan Thomasrun. This software will run on Linux, Mac OS & Windows OS. This program was primarily designed for Linux users. The usage of this editor is really simple and it is featured with a lot of useful tools. OpenShot is the easiest & the friendliest video editing software ever that is available in many different languages which can be translated online with the LaunchPad. By using this Openshot video editor, you can:

  • Quickly trim down your videos
  • Add as many layers as you need for watermarks, background, audio tracks & more.
  • fade, slide, bounce & animate anything in the video
  • remove the background from the video, change the colors, adjust brightness & more
  • Control the power of time, reversing, slowing down & speeding up video
  • Render beautiful 3D animated titles & effects such as snow, lens flares & flying text.
  • Visualize your audios
  • Also, add a title to your video.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Free & open source
  • Safe to download from its official website
  • Simple to understand
  • Powerful audio editing
  • some of the features do not work when compared to paid software
  • It does not grab the clips that are less than eight seconds.
  • Developed by the small group of developers where you can’t expect too much on their technical support services.
  • Not a super lightweight video editing program

How to Install OpenShot

Steps to download the Openshot video editor:

  • To open the official page of the Openshot – Click here
  • From the home page, click on the ‘Download‘ option which is at the top of the page.
  • A page will appear, then click on the ‘Start Now‘ tab.
  • Download &  get a free file converter.


Shotcut is a free, open-source & cross-platform video editor. It is Started in 2011 by Dan Dennedy, developing since 2004 by the same author. This program supports hundreds of audio and video formats.  This tool runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. With this program, You can perform various actions such as video editing (including 4K video quality), add effects, create new movies, import most image files formats, export to almost any file format & much more. It can handle a wide range of media formats. With Shotcut you work with numerous that docked and undocked panels.

Some features of Shotcut:

  • mix and match resolutions & frame-rates within a project
  • Webcam capture
  • Export single frame as an image or video as an image sequence
  • Volume control
  • Support for 4K resolutions
  • Audio Capture
  • Audio mixing across all tracks
  • Speed effect for audio/video clips
  • Reverse a clip
  • Eyedropper tool to pick neutral color for white balancing
  • Auto-rotate

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • It helps to make the editing process smooth & easy.
  • It has a wide variety of editing tools and video & audio effects.
  • Its view menu offers control over the features that display on the screen.
  • you can alter its source codes to create a high-quality, easily integrated & secure application.
  • Lack of robust support documentation and tutorials.
  • No social/YouTube exporting, and little guidance on device-specific video formats for mobile.
  • Except for Youtube, they did not provide any guidelines for effective results.
  • Official tutorials and documentation are a little pale.

How to Install Shotcut

Step by step process to download the Shotcut video editor:

  • To download the shotcut video editor, You have to visit the official page – Click here
  • By clicking on the link, the home page will display on the screen
  • From the home page, click on the ‘Download‘ option which is at the top of the page.
  • A page will appear, then click on the ‘Start Now‘ tab.
  • Download the shotcut & get free forms.


Cinelerra CG infinity is a resource-saving & free video editing software. This program is available for GNU/Linux & FreeBSD. It was developed by Adam Williams in June 2000 as an open-source software running on Linux. It is an 8k editor, supports LV2 like the audio mastering software Calf Studio Gear & works with multiple cameras. It also includes a video compositing engine, allowing the user to perform advanced compositing operations such as keying and mattes. Due to its free editing program, it can edit your videos and make them look like a movie with transitions, effects & text. Due to the different preferences and ideas, different versions of Cinelerra came into being. They are

  • Cinelerra-GG:  It has a fast development cycle & works mainly according to the Scrum model. This version focuses on new features, improved stability, fast bug fixing & expansion of the codec base.
  • Cinelerra-CV: This version focuses on stability. The development is therefore very conservative & slower than the other branches. The further development of this version is stopped.
  • Cinelerra-CVE: This is the personal development of the developer Einar. The goal of Einar is to sustainably improve the code base of Cinelerra-CV & add new features. He works tirelessly to release a significantly improved version of Cinelerra. This version is not completed yet, still promises great potential for the future.
  • Cinelerra-HV: This is the version of the inventor Adam Williams. He created & develops it, according to our personal opinion, mainly for his own purposes. Habitually, a new update comes once a year & this always brings different specialties & improvements with it.
  • Lumiera: This version is written in GTK+ and is still in the pre-alpha stage. At the moment there is no useful application available.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • It is just as good for beginners as it is for getting the most out of their videos.
  • It has significantly more codecs on Linux
  • Better Keyframe system
  • It occupies very low disk space
  • Cinelerra is not available for windows
  • Does not support every codec
  • When you try to get into anything beyond titles, fades & basic animations, you will experience the toolset lacking.
  • The software is mostly focused on color correction

How to Install Cinelerra

Procedure to install Cinelerra:

  •  Open the official website of Cinelerra – Click here
  • From the home page, click on the ‘Get Cinelerra CG Now‘ option.
  • A page with different download packages will display on the screen.
  • Select the desired package for which you want to download.
  • A page of the selected package will display & follow the given instructions.
  • Download the Cinelerra & get great features.


Kdenlive is an acronym for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor. The project was initially started by Jason Wood in the year 2002. It is free software and also an open-source video editor for Linux, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows. It integrates many plugin effects for video and sound processing/creation. The source code is available under the terms of GNU version 2 or any later version. With its multi-task editing program, it supports an unlimited number of video and audio tracks. It is primarily aimed at the GNU/Linux platform and also works on BSD & MacOS. This program is useful for beginners but also used by specialists for small personal projects.

Features of Kdenlive:

  • It allows you to use & arrange several audio and video tracks.
  • With this software, you can use almost any audio or video formats directly without the need to convert or re-encode your clips.
  • You can save & arrange your custom interface layouts
  • Rotate and zoom
  • Create 2D Titles to your projects
  • Unicode decoder
  • Color correction & audio adjustments.
  • It can automatically create low-resolution copies of your source clips to let you do the editing on any computer & then render using full resolution.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Support grouping & ungrouping clips
  • Lightweight, simple and easy to use interface.
  • Huge collection of video & audio effect library.
  • Help the large quantity of media format
  • Not stable
  • not suitable for professional video editing.
  • Because of the more & repeating filters, it may lead to confusion.
  • Its UI is not standard and consistent.

How to Install Kdenlive

Here we are going to provide step by step process to install Kdenlive:

  • Go into the official page of Kdenlive – Click here
  • From its home page, click on the ‘Download‘ tab which is located at the top of the page.
  • A page with different download packages will display on the screen.
  • Select the desired package & download it.


Lightworks is a free video editing software. It was developed to high-end, professional film editing software that was used to direct such Hollywood classics as Pulp Fiction. It is a professional Non-linear editing system for editing & mastering the digital video in various formats. The user interface is sophisticated with its wide range of tools & indicators compressed in one place. It was mostly used in Films & TV Series. It requires a fair amount of training & learning before users are able to take full advantage of it. It supports the AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MOV & XVID formats. If you are looking to make small youtube videos then you can install seven days Lightworks program or If you want to create videos with great production values then you should switch on to the paid version.

Some of the features of Lightworks Video Editor:

  • The best option for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X users
  • Unmatched format support. It has the widest native format support.
  • Share your movies with colleagues, friends & family with our super-quick export to MPEG4/H.264.
  • Background Import, Rendering, and Export.
  • Fastest editing application
  • World-class Trimming for fast precision editing.
  • You can change a clip while editing with its great Multicam Editing feature.
  • It allows quick & easy configuration to suit your needs
  • You can also use it in your native language with its bundle of language packs

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • It offers an open license version with all the tools.
  • An award-winning software.
  • Great options which allow you to make your video how you wish
  • With its premium version, it produces a wider variety of file types.
  • It’s not free to use, it’s free to download.
  • It has sound issues when importing files.
  • When you try to do anything sophisticated, it will crash & close by itself
  • The free version is too limited

How to Install Lightworks

Steps to install Lightworks Video Editor:

  • Visit the official page of Lightworks – Click here
  • On the home page, click on the ‘Downloads‘ tab which is at the top of the page.
  • By clicking on it, a drop-down menu with different download options will appear.
  • Click on the ‘Lightworks for Linux‘ tab.
  • A page with  Lightworks for Linux downloading options will display on the screen.
  • Click on the desired download option & get it.


Flowblade is a free & Libre video editor for Linux. This project was started in 2009 by lead developer Janne Liljeblad and has been active since. It has been designed to make fast, precise & stable videos. Its a multitrack non-linear video editor that supports all the media accessed in the Linux system. It has an advanced tool that adding, moving & trimming in workflow clips. With this software, you can compose movies from video clips, audio clips, and graphics files. Projects can be performed and exported in common media file formats, though this is dependent on the FFMPEG or MLT libraries already placed.


  • Configurable toolset with up to 9 tools in user-selectable order.
  • A large number of editing tools like Insert, Move, Trim, Roll, Slip, Spacer, Box, Multi trim, Cut, Keyframe, Ripple Trim, etc.,
  • Drag and drop clips on the Timeline
  • Mute track video or audio
  • Split audio & video
  • Slow-motion & fast speed clips
  • A large number of filters
  • It provides functionality to save, name & manage in point to outpoint ranges on media items
  • Proxy editing methods to edit when original media makes too high demands for either disk bandwidth or CPU processing power.
  • It also offers the Batch Render Queue app which runs on a different process, so it is possible to close Flowblade without touching ongoing renders.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Free & open source
  • Powerful and light-weight
  • All-purpose video editor
  • Multifunctionality
  • It may be a little confusing when you are looking for something simple
  • Shortage of advanced editing features when compared to other professional software.
  • An average amount of hardware & driver combinations can crash the software.
  • You may still not find the professional like movie making editing software

How to Install Flowblade

The installation procedure of Flowblade video editor:

  • Go into the official page of the Flowblade – Click here
  • From the home page, click on the ‘Download‘ option which is at the top of the page.
  • By clicking on it, a page with downloading options will display on the screen.
  • Follow the given instructions & Click on the ‘Install‘ tab.
  • Download the Flowblade video editor.


VidCutter is a cross-platform app for quick & easy video trimming, video splitting, joining and video merging for simple quick edits. It supports clipping multiple scenes & joining them together It is modern & simple to use for cutting the videos. It is the express MEDIA CUTTER + JOINER with SmartCut technology, chapter support, and media stream selection for audio plus subtitle channels & black detect video filter support. It has bundled with all dependencies like MPV, FFmpeg, MediaInfo, and associated codec libraries.

Features of VidCutter:

  • Attractive, simple to use Qt5 based interface
  • Timeline thumbnails for more detailed seeking
  • Detailed media metadata information (MediaInfo)
  • reorder clips however you like
  • SmartCut frame-accurate cutting option

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Superfast media cutting & joining
  • It supports to detect scene changes automatically or skip commercials in digital TV recordings.
  • Good for a simple split and merges.
  • It is a cross-platform software
  • It crashes often
  • Not suitable for regular video editing

How to Install VidCutter

The process to install Vidcutter:

  • To install the vidCutter – Click here
  • A page with VidCutter will display on the screen.
  • From the page, click on the ‘Install’ option and download the VidCutter.

Online Video Editing Tools for Windows/Linux/Mac

If you are not an expert in editing videos in Linux, you can also try online video editing tools. The following are the best online video editing tools for Windows/Linux/Mac machines.

  • ClipChamp
  • Adobe Spark (Premium Tool)
  • Kizoa
  • Clideo
  • Flexclip

Which is the Best Video Editing Software for Linux users?

As there are a number of Video Editing & Making Software and tools available in Linux, telling the best video editing tool for Linux users is not an easy task.

If you are a beginner and have a system with standard specifications go with OpenShot or Kdenlive.

For more advanced options, and looking for a  4K/UHD resolution projects, Try Shotcut.

Lightworks is there for professional and advanced Video Designers.

You can also try Ubuntu Studio for Best Video/Graphic Editing and Designing experience in Linux.

So this is the list of best Video Editing Software/Tools for Linux such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Manjaro, Solus and any other distro. Comment what is the best Video Editing Tool for you in the Linux system in the below comment box. Share us your list of video editing tools that are simple and better.

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